Morning y’all & Happy Friday!

I promise I’ll be back sometime this weekend for a full recap of my Chi-town adventures but I’m here this morning to share some fun news with you guys. Drumroll, please…

{Handsome Dan}

I’ve been accepted to grad school to become a nurse practitioner & I’ll be moving to the great New England state of Connecticut in August! While I am extremely elated and anxious to begin this new chapter in my life, I would be lying if I didn’t admit to being a tad panicked once the news finally sunk in. No, I’m not moving across the country but I am moving out of my comfort zone. The Boston area has been my home for the majority of my life (minus my 4 year stint in NH – a whopping 1.5hrs away) &  it’s where my friends & family are. Moving to a new place means moving to a place where I know a limited amount of people and is in the heart of Yankee/Giant’s territory. terrifying


Besides the obvious: “Where am I going to live?”, ” Will I make friends?”, “Where will I get my coffee in the morning?” questions, I also find myself rationally concerned about the future my gym membership. Normal, I know…

My friends can attest that for the past 3 years, I’ve been a HUGE fan of  Healthworks Fitness Centers for Women  & pretty much refused go anywhere else despite the high monthly membership rates. I shell out close to $90 dollars per month for a many reasons but mainly it is that the friendly staff and spa like atmosphere encourage me to keep coming back. Healthworks also offers an amazing line-up of group exercise classes. Spin, different types of yoga and BodyPump are my favorites. While spin & yoga classes are pretty standard, not all gyms have BodyPump. So after scouring the facilities/fitness class schedule at Yale, I determined that they don’t offer my beloved class! {Insert minor panic attack here} 

Now, a little background, I’m not a huge fan of weightlifting. I love the concept and know all about the health benefits but when left to my own devices, I just won’t do it. Or I’ll do it but I get bored quickly and fall off the WL bandwagon. BodyPump (for those of you that don’t know) is a strength training class coordinated to music that is typically an hour-long & works ALL muscle groups. They also change up the music & routine every three months to keep you on your toes. In essence, it is the only thing that can get me to effectively train all muscle groups. A Godsend, really.

So back to panic mode…

I quickly googled (thank heavens for Google) and found that there is a studio that offers BodyPump in all of New Haven. ONE STUDIO. Man, New Haven has to jump on the BP bandwagon! Boston has approximately eleven clubs that offer the class. Here’s hoping I can make some times the class is offered with my crazy schedule!

{The Pump}

Anyway, crisis averted. For now….Thanks for listening to my ramble about gym/fitness class nonsense. Here’s to new adventures!

In other news, I’m trying out Bikram yoga for the first time tonight. Cross your fingers I don’t pass out. K, thanks! Are you guys doing anything fun this weekend?

Now, I’m off to hydrate!